Types Of Entertainment Acts At Weddings

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No one wants to attend a boring wedding party. There are many ways to entertain your guests and some will ensure that they won’t forget your big day for years and years. The type of entertainment act you choose will differ based on the theme of your wedding. Here are a few of the types that are currently used in today’s nuptial ceremonies. A disk jockeyA wedding DJ is commonly used in almost all matrimony receptions. This is the most effective way to engage your guest and see them enjoying the event as they dance away at the dance floor. Check out more here https://www.onstageweddings.com.au/wedding-djs/. Live bandsLive wedding musicians Brisbane is ideal if you do not want to hire a dj. There are many types of bands that can be chosen based on the type of music they play. They will music that has will be catered to your tastes and even some of the popular songs will be stripped and made into something magical. If you don’t want a group of musicians you can always opt out for a soloist or two. MagiciansYes it seems a bit unreal to have a magician at your wedding but the guests will definitely be entertained. You can always have the magician focus on the bridal party when performing and therefore, keep the guests glued to what is happening. Bouncy castleIf you are throwing a summer wedding add on a bouncy castle. Make sure it is one that both adult and children can get on and let the bouncing begin! Photo boothsThis is a very famous form of entertainment now found at reception on the day that two people wed. The guests will use and wear props and take a few hilarious photos, which will be a lasting memory. You can hire a photo booth that lets guests take a polaroid of the photos they love home. FireworksIf the reception is taking place in the night, have everyone come out for a few minutes towards the end of the event to watch a fireworks display. A cocktail carHaving a car where cocktails will be made is very entertaining. Your guests will enjoy watching the drinks being made and even get to taste a few amazing beverages. The first danceAfter the father and daughter dance, next comes the first day dance of the couple as husband and wife which tends to be emotional but very engaging.

You can even add on a few quirky activities such as karaoke, maybe a casino table if you are going for a Las Vegas themed wedding or have everyone engage on a guest book after they take photos at the photo booth! The ideas are endless!

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