Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

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Here is a list of question that you may ask your potential lawyer from Criminal & Traffic Law during your first consultation. Many of the below questions are sensitive and need to be asked with due respect and courtesy in order not to come off as rude and ignorant.

How long have you practised?

Asked in the wrong tone and time this is a highly offensive question to ask. So in order to extract this information you need to subtly question time lines and cases that will help you determine the answer to the above. Or depending on the flow of the conversation you may straight up ask about it to.

What kind of cases do you generally take on?

You may be new to this and gone with the first traffic lawyers Blacktown Google recommended to you. It is the norm for attorneys who have being practicing for a period of time to be more competent in the specific segment of legislations and they prefer to take on cases of similar nature. Therefore it is important for you to make sure that the lawyer you’re speaking to is agreeable to take on your case.

Have you handles any cases similar to mine?

In the event you are case is similar to the line of work he does it is you prerogative to question him on his general approach to the case and to know how many of the cases he has worked on has been ruled in his favour.

What is your fee structure?

While many consider it rule to speak of money at the initial stages of any meeting, it is important to get it out of the way to. Therefore you need to ask your lawyer about his expectations and also be informed of any other legal or other fee you may incur in the event you decide to proceed with your case. All lawyers require you to pay a retainer. This seals the contract between you and your lawyer and is also a condition required by law.

Do I have any other option than taking this to court?

Battling it out on court is not the only option you have, there are instances issues may be settled amicably or during mediation that is a far less rigid setting than a court house. When dealing with a simple case of road rage you can ask your drink driving lawyers to advice you on taking the higher road that will save all relevant parties a lot of time and money.

What is the likely outcome of my case?

While each case has its own specific circumstances there are common grounds that are present in lawsuits of the same nature.So it is not unfair for you to rely on past rulings in similar and count on your ruling to be a win for you too.

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