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Benefits Of Using A 4G Router

A technology called 2G had been launched in the 1990s. This enabled mobile users to make phone calls or send texts. In the year 2003, 3G technology was introduced that made it possible for the users to make video calls, browse web pages, and download video or music even while traveling. 4G came into existence in the year 2012 because 3G was not significantly faster. 4G LTE is known to be faster still. It has a download speed of 150Mbps, theoretically. However, the mobile phone is not the only devices which can take advantage of this connection, home users and business connections to the internet with the help of a 4G router.

You will be able to share the 4G LTE connection with several Wi-Fi devices at once. In fact, it can also be connected to a wired device like personal computers and printers. This means that you will be able to create a temporary office in any location you want. It will also make your work a lot easier. The 4G connection from 4G LTE router with SIM is perfect for users who are unable to get the cable broadband or conventional ADSL. Thus, it can prove to be useful in remote and rural areas. You will be able to enhance the connection with 4G.

You can get in touch with an expert to secure more information on this. As it ideal for temporary location, it can serve as the best alternative to fixed broadband solutions. It can be used for trade shows and exhibitions. You can use it for a presentation that needs an internet connection while you do it outside the office. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to install a 4G device in trains, buses, or boats. This will make the passengers chat online or check their email while they travel or commute. In places where it is too impractical or too costly to install a hard line, 4G WiFi router with SIM card slot proves to be really useful. Building sites are one of the primary examples.

The operation which are run from the port cabins are connected to the head office all the time. You can run a DSL/FTTH Ethernet WAN choice on the router that will enable you to go for energy fail-over connection if your mobile broadband or fixed line doesn’t work. This prevents downtime in business. Other than this, 4G is also known to have a better response time in comparison to 3G because of the low latency. A device that is connected to a 4G router will have a better response.