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The Artificial Tooth Choices You Can Make

What happens when we lose our pearly whites? Well, if we lose them when we are young we are going to get our permanent pearly whites in time. If we lose them when we are adults we will have to choose to either live without them or find a replacement for the lost ones.

Since a lot of people look for a replacement we have a number of such replacement choices for the tooth we lose. People might consider some of these options such as the dental implants cost Bondi too much. However, the expense should not be the only thing you consider when you are selecting one of these artificial tooth choices.

The Artificial Tooth You Join with the Jaw Bone

The most long lasting and quality choice for a lost tooth happens to be the artificial tooth you join with the jaw bone. Since the artificial tooth is screwed into the gap created by the lost tooth and covered with a natural looking crown, no one is going to be able to tell the difference unless they know it is an artificial tooth. This is also the solution which is going to feel the most natural to you. However, this is also the most expensive solution for replacing lost pearly whites. You should also know that not every person qualifies to get such an artificial tooth due to their health condition.

A Couple of Artificial Pearly Whites

Sometimes we lose more than one tooth. Then we have to think about a solution which can help us with replacing all those lost pearly whites at once. That is where dental bridges Sydney come in. However, when you are adding this solution to the lost pearly whites, sometimes the doctor has to cut the nearby natural and healthy pearly whites to make space for this. It can damage those natural pearly whites and make them have a bad future. You can of course choose to go with the artificial tooth choice which you screw into the jaw bone. It is possible to have a number of them together like with this bridge.


We also have the chance to insert dentures to replace the missing tooth. This is a removable plate which can hold one or more pearly whites. However, dentures can be quite delicate. You have to handle them with extreme care. If a good professional does not provide you with a fine denture you are going to have trouble using one.

Make your choice of artificial pearly whites considering these factors.